Civilian Roll

In total there were 473 foreign civilians in the Legation Quarter during the siege, 245 men, 149 women and 79 children from at least 13 different nations.

I have managed to identify 209 of those foreign civilians.


Dr. Arturo von Rostand/Rosthorn (Charge d’Affaires) [wounded July 9]
Mme. von Rostand/Rosthorn
Baron Czikan von Wahlborn (Foreign Minister to China)


M. Merghelynckem (First Secretary)
Chevalier de Melotte
Maurizio Joostens


Fridolin Marinus Knobel (Foreign Minister to China)


Stéphen Pichon (Minister)
Paul Eugène Pelliot (Scholar)


Baron Klemens von Kettler (Foreign Minister to China) [killed June 20]
Baroness Maude von Kettler
Karl Alexander Konrad Klaus von Below-Saleske (Secretary)
Mr. Cordes (interpreter for von Kettler) [wounded June 20]
Clara (Governess to Mr. Squires)


Marquis Giuseppe Salvago Raggi (Foreign Minister to China)
Mrs. Salvago Raggi
Livio Caetani/Gaetani of the Dukes of Sermoneta (Secretary)
Guido Vitale (interpreter)
Père Dosio (Superior of the Nan-t’ang)


西徳二郎 (Nishi Tokujiro) (Foreign Minister to China)
Sugiyama Akira (First Secretary) [killed June 11]
Mr. Narahara (Second Secretary) [killed July 24]
服部宇之吉 (Hattori Unokichi) (Scholar)
狩野直喜 (Naoki Kano) (Scholar)
古城貞吉 (Sadakichi Kojo) (Scholar)


Nestagarde (missionary)


Mikhail de Giers (Foreign Minister to China)
Mme. de Giers
de Giers son
de Giers daughter
B.N. Kroupensky (First Secretary)
B.N. Evreinow (Second Secretary)
P.S.Pompoff /Popoff (Interpreter)
Mrs. Pompoff/Popoff
Pompoff/Popoff girl
Pompoff/Popoff girl
Pompoff/Popoff girl
Pompoff/Popoff girl
Pompoff/Popoff girl
N.F. Kolessoff (second Interpreter)
A.T. Beltchenko (student Interpreter)
H.P. Wulff (student Interpreter)
V.V. Korsakoff M.D. (surgeon)
Mrs. Korsakoff
Korsakoff girl
N.T. Gomloyeff (postmaster)
A. Polyanoff (post office clerk)
Rt.-Rev. Father Archmandrite Innocent Figuroffsky
Rev. Father Abraham
Deacon Basile
Mr. Osipoff (ecclesiastical student)
Mr. Piskimoff (ecclesiastical student)
D.D. Pokotiloff (company manager for China and Japan, Russo-Chinese Bank)
D.M. Pozdneeff
Mrs. Pozdneeff
Pozdneeff girl
R.T. Barbier
Mrs. Barbier
Barbier child
C. Titoff
E. Wihlfahrt (cashier, Russo-Chinese Bank)
F. Vavier (book-keeper, Russo-Chinese Bank)
Mr. Brackmann
Mr. Mirny
Mr. Alexandroff
Mr. Wasilieff
Mr. Brauns
Mr. Kehler
A.W. Borodavkine (Professor of Russian, Imperial University)


Bernado Giacinto de Cologan (Foreign Minister to China)


August Chamot (Proprietor of the Hotel de Peking)
Mrs. Chamot

United Kingdom

Sir Claude Maxwell MacDonald (Foreign Minister to China)
Lady MacDonald
MacDonald child
MacDonald child
MacDonald sister-in-law
Herbert G. Dering (secretary)
Herny Cockburn (Chinese secretary)
William P. Ker (Assistant Chinese Secretary)
Mrs. Ker
Ker child
Wordsworth Poole M.D. (surgeon)
B.G. Tours (accountant)
Mrs. Tours
Tours child
Nigel Oliphant (Imperial Bank of China) [wounded July 11]
David Oliphant (consular assistant) [killed July 5]
W. Russell (consular assistant)
Rev. W. Norris (acting Chaplin)
Rev. R. Allen (curate)
T.G. Hancock (student interpreter)
A.T. Flaherty (student interpreter)
H. Bristow (student interpreter)
T.C.C. Kirke (student interpreter)
H. Porter (student interpreter)
William Meryck Hewlett (student interpreter)
A. Rose (student interpreter)
R. Drury (student interpreter)
L.R. Barr (student interpreter)
H. Warren (student interpreter) [killed June 15]
L. Giles (student interpreter)
W.E. Townsend (student interpreter) [wounded July 1]
Captain F.G. Poole
Mr. Clark-Thornhil
Sergeant R. Herring (legation keeper)
Mr. Houston (Bank Manager)
Dr. George Ernest Morrison (journalist) [wounded July 16]
Belgian Ministers valet
Sir Robert Hart (Customs inspector-general)
Robert E. Bredon (deputy inspector-general)
Mrs. Bredon
Bredon girl
Miss Juliet Bredon
A.T. Piry (commisioner)
Mrs. Piry
Piry’s governess
Piry child
Piry child
Piry child
Piry child
J.R. Brazier (custom staff)
Mrs. Brazier
Brazier child
Brazier child
C.H. Brewit-Taylor (custom staff)
Mrs. Brewit-Taylor
C.H. Oliver (custom staff)
Miss Oliver (sister)
Oliver child
Oliver child
S.M. Russell (custom staff)
Mrs. Russell
C.B. Mears (custom staff)
Mrs. Mears
B.L. Simpson (custom staff)
C.L. Lauru (custom staff)
Ed. Wagner (customs employee) [killed July 1]
H.P. Destelan (custom staff)
P. von Rautenfeld (custom staff)
J.H. Macoun (custom staff)
J.W. Richardson (custom staff) [wounded June 23]
E. von Strauch (custom staff)
N. Konoraloff (custom staff)
H. Bismarck (custom staff)
U.F. Wintour (custom staff)
J.H. Smyth (custom staff)
J.W.H. Ferguson (custom staff)
L. Sandercock (custom staff)
A.G. Bethell (custom staff)
L. de Luca (custom staff)
R.B. De Courcy (custom staff)
C.O.M. Diehr (custom staff)
W.S. Dupree (custom staff)
E.E. Encamacao (custom staff)
J. de Pinna (custom staff)
P.J. Oreglia (custom staff)
S. Sugi (custom staff)
Huberty James [captured by Boxers June 20]
Mr. Biggen (London Mission)
Mr. Stonehouse (London Mission)
Mrs. Stonehouse
Stonehouse children

United States

Edwin Hurd Conger (Foreign Minister to China)
Sarah J. Conger
Conger girl
Conger niece
Conger governess
Herbert Goldsmith Squires (First Secretary, Chief of Staff)
Harriet Bard Squires (wife)
Fargo Squires (son) (15 years old) (Cpt. Strouts Orderly)
Bard MacDonald Squires (son)
Herbert G. Squires Jr. (son)
Squires boy (4 years old)
Squires’ maid
F.D. Cheshire (interpreter)
William E. Bainbridge (Second Secretary)
Mary Margaret Bainbridge (wife)
Edith Miller (de Griers governess)
Dr. William Alexander Parsons Martin (Director Imperial University in Peking)
Dr. Robert Coltman Jr. (Professor of Surgery, Imperial University)
Alice Winifred Coltman (wife)
Robert Coltman III (son) (age 16 1/2)
Eva D. Coltman (daughter) (age 15)
Alice C. Coltman (daughter) (age 13)
Chas. L. Coltman (son) (age 9)
Mary O. Coltman (daughter) (age 4)
William P. Coltman (son) (age 1 1/2)
William N. Pethick (Secretary to Li Hung Chang)
Mrs. Weever (missionary)
Mrs. Douw (missionary)
Miss Brown (missionary)
Miss Polly Condit-Smith
Rev. Francis (Frank) Dunlap Gamewell
Mary Porter Gamewell (wife)
W.J. Duysberg
Gilbert Reed (missionary) [wounded July 5]
Mary Hooker

National origin unknown

Percy Smith
Mr. Tweed
Dr, Lowry
Mrs. Lowry
Dr. Inglis
Mr. Chapin
Mr. Ewing
Mr. Killie
Mr. Biggin