German Military Roll

1 officer, 5 under officers and 45 men from III.Seebatallion plus one visiting officer. This is an incomplete list.


Oberleutnant Graf Alfred Anton Georg Ludwig von Sodon
Leutnant von Strauch, Imperial Guard (retired) (visiting)

Under Officers and men (Kompanie unknown)

Stabsarzt Dr. Velde
Unteroffizier Block
Sergeant Keller (wounded July 12) [shot in right thigh]
Gefreiter Straßburg (wounded July 13) [left upper arm]


Gefreiter Förster (wounded July 9) [shot in right shoulder]
Gefreiter Robert Gölitz (wounded June 28, killed 30 June) [shot in head]
Gefreiter Günther (wounded July 13) [ left chest and upper arm]
Seesoldat Benecke (wounded June 30) [broken leg]
Seesoldat Reinhold Berger (wounded August 12, killed August 26) [shot in head]
Seesoldat Brandt (wounded June 25) [grenade shrapnel in left eye]
Seesoldat Alfred Rentmeister (killed July 11) [shot in abdomen]
Seesoldat Seiffert (wounded July 13) [left knee]
Seesoldat Arthur Strauß (killed July 1) [cannonball in upper leg]
Seesoldat Weißbarth (wounded June 28 and June 30) [shot in right ear and upper jaw]


Seesoldat Hermann Ebel (killed July 2) [shot in chest]
Seesoldat Kurt Hentschel (killed June 30) [shot in head]
Seesoldat Hermann Mathies (killed June 20) [shot in head]
Seesoldat Paul Tölle (killed June 25) [shot in chest]


Gefreiter Edzards (wounded June 30) [shot in right hand]
Gefreiter Wirtz (killed July 3)
Seesoldat Friedrich Gugel (wounded June 30, killed August 13) [shot in face]
Seesoldat Reinhardt (wounded June 24) [shot in left elbow and upper arm]


Unteroffizier Dauch
Seesoldat Gramlich (wounded July 13) [wounded by blast in combat]
Seesoldat Johannes Hohnke (killed June 30) [shot in head]
Seesoldat Horn
Seesoldat Alfons Kaußen (wounded June 23, died June 24 from wounds) [shot in liver]
Seesoldat Klaus (wounded July 13) [left elbow]
Seesoldat König (wounded July 13) [right cheek and shoulder]
Seesoldat Hugo Meinhardt (wounded June 30, died July 10 from wounds) [shot in lower leg, died from tetanus]