United States Military Roll

3 officers and 53 men from the crusier USS Newark (C-1) and the battleship USS Oregon (BB-3). Multiple Medal of Honor recipients (denoted [MoH])

From the USS Newark

Captain John Twiggs Myers (wounded July 3)
Sergeant Edward Alexander Walker [MoH]
Corporal John Olof Dahlgren [MoH]
Corporal Martin Hunt [MoH]
Gunners Mate First Class Joseph Andrew Mitchell (wounded August 13) [MoH]
Private Erwin Jay Boydston [MoH]
Private John Butts
Private Harry Fisher (killed July 16) (real name: Franklin J. Phillips) [MoH post.]
Private Charles Greer
Private John Hester
Private Charles B. Hobbs
Private William Charlie Horton [MoH]
Private Herman Kehm (wounded ?)
Private Charles B. King (killed June 24)
Private Fredrick D. Moody (wounded July 4)
Private Albert Moore [MoH]
Private Christopher G. Mueller
Private Martin Louis M. Mueller (wounded June 25)
Private George F O’Leary
Private Herbert Irving Preston [MoH]
Private Richard Quinn
Private David John Scannell [MoH]
Private Robert E. Thomas (killed July 3)
Private Albert A. Turner (killed July 3)
Private Oscar Jefferson Upham [MoH]
Private Charles R. White
Private Woods
Private Frank Albert Young [MoH]

From the USS Oregon

Captain Newt Hamill Hall
Assistant Surgeon Thomas McCormick Lippett (wounded June 29)
Chief Machinist Carl Emil Petersen [MoH]
Sergeant John Fanning (killed June 26)
Corporal John Ludwig
Private (Drummer) John Alphonsus Murphy [MoH]
Private Gottlieb ?
Private John V. Ammann
Private Robert M Barralt
Private William Louis Carr [MoH]
Private Daniel Josef Daly [MoH]
Private Henry W. Davis (real name: Willaim Henry Murry) [MoH]
Private Edward J. Donovan
Private William F. Donovan
Private George P. Fanell
Private Louis Rene Gaiennie [MoH]
Private Henry G. Galligher
Private Harry Gold (wounded June 25)
Private Thomas Francis Hall (wounded July 1)
Private John Kennedy (killed July 1)
Private Albert J. Kuhn
Private James J. Lavin
Private Jacob Martin
Private John Henry Schroeder (wounded June 30)
Private Francis George Silva (wounded July 1)
Private Frederick J. Tinkler
Private J.W. Tutcher (wounded June 24, killed June 30)
Private William Zion [MoH]
Hospital Apprentice Robert Henry Stanley [MoH]