Carol Szathmari

Carol Szathmari went to the Crimea in 1853 to photograph both the Turkish and Russian armies. He was able to do so due to previously photographing high ranking officers from both sides at his studio in Bucharest. Here I present all his work in the Crimea I was able to find with links to the originals in the archive that holds them.

RCIN 2500615: Turkish artillery 1854

RCIN 2500616: Turkish artillery 1854

RCIN 2500617: Turkish artillery officers mounted on horses 1854

RCIN 2500618: Turkish infantry soldiers 1854

RCIN 2500619: Turkish infantry soldiers 1854

RCIN 2500620: Three volunteer Russian soldiers from Bulgaria 1854

RCIN 2500621: Cossack soldiers 1854

RCIN 2500622: Omar Pacha with his aide-de-camps 1854

RCIN 2500623: Turkish infantry in the field 1854

RCIN 2500624: Aide-de-camp staff 1854 [Turkish]

RCIN 2500625: Turkish infantry 1854

RCIN 2500626: Turkish infantry 1854

RCIN 2500627: Music of the Turkish infantry 1854