1639 Manatus Map

These two copies of the same original map, produced in 1639, both depict the habitation and other features of Manhattan Island and its vicinity at that time. I will give detailed information on the maps themselves and on the land and the people that inhabited it.

Harrisse copy, made ca. 1665-1670


Castello copy, made ca. 1665-1670

Comparison of the two maps
A comparison of the differences between the two copies of the map. The smallest of difference in wording or structure placement is noted.

Inhabitants and properties by map key entry
Detailed investigation of the structures and inhabitants of Manhattan Island and its vicinity with all sources used noted.

A good deal of information in the two proceeding sections is taken from the following book: Stokes, I.N. Phelps, The Iconography of Manhattan Island 1498 – 1909, Vol. II, (Robert H. Dodd, New York, 1916). This six volume set of books is invaluable to those wishing to research the history of Manhattan Island. That information is then supplemented with further research, all sources used will be mentioned in footnotes.