1639 Structures and Inhabitants

The following links will give detailed information on the properties and residents. The information was retrieved from translations of primary sources. I will present as much information on the properties that I can find. All sources used will be stated.

Prior to 1638 records are scant and I have prepared this short section to talk about New Amsterdam previous to the that date.

1624-1639 Information

Each entry gives the translated entry from the map key followed by the name of the 1639 occupant/owner in brackets. Records up to 1660 will be consulted, anything after that will be covered in the 1660 Castello Plan section of this site.

A: Fort Amsterdam

B: Corn or Grist Mill

C: Saw Mill

D: Saw Mill

E: Varcken’s Island [Hog Island, later Manning’s Island, later Blackwell’s Island, now Roosevelt’s Island]

F: Quarters for the Company’s Slaves

1: Company’s Bouwery with an excellent house [Wouter van Twiller]

2-6: Five Run Down Bouweries of the Company, Three of which are Occupied Again

7: Plantation of Tomas Sanders [Tomas Sanders or Sandersen]

8: Plantation of Old Jan [Jan Jansen Damen]

9: Plantation of Jan Pietersen [Jan Pietersen van Housem]

10: Plantation of van Twiller [Wouter van Twiller]

11: Plantation of the Farmer Baker [Barent Dircksen Swart]

12: Plantation of Mr. Lesley [“Francis Lastley” or Mr. Lesle de Neve-Sinx, Lesley or Leslee]

13: Plantation of Tomas Beets [Tomas Beets or Bets]

14: Plantation of Jan van Rotterdam [Jan Cornelissen van Rotterdam]

15: Plantation of Hendrick Pietersen [Hendrick Pietersen van Wessel]

16: Bouwery of the Farm’s Baker [Barent Dircksen van Noorden]

17: Plantation of Jacob van Collaar [Jacob van Curler or Corlaer]

18: Bouwery of Loen Ontangle [Jean or Johannes la Montange]

19: Bouwery of Cornelis van Thienhooven [Cornelis van Tienhoven]

20: Bouwery of Twiller in the Hellegat [Wouter van Twiller]

21: Bouwery of Senikant [Everardus Bogardus]

22: Bouwery of Antoni the Turk [Antony Jansen of Salee or Fez]

23: Bouwery of Jan Claesen [possibly Jan Claessen or Jan Clasen Damen]

24: Plantation of David the Provoost [David Provoost]

25: Plantation of Hendrick the Tailor [Hendrick Jansen]

26: Plantation of Tymen Jansen [seemingly the land of Tomas Sandersen]

27: Bouwery of van Vorst [Cornelis van Vorst]

28: of Henderick van Vorst [Hendrick Cornelissen van Vorst]

29: Bouwery of Jan Everts [Jan Evertsen Bout]

30: Plantation of Jan de Latershoeck [1639 resident unknown]

31: Three Plantations at Paulus Hook [Michiel Paauw]

32: Plantation of van Maerynes [Marinus or Maryn Adriensen]

33: Plantation of David Pieters [David Pieters de Vries]

34: Nut Island, with Plantation of van Twiller [Wouter van Twiller]

35: Two Commenced and Three Completed Plantations of Tile Bakers

36: Two Bouweries and Two Plantations of Wolfert Gerritsen [Wolfert Gerritsz or Wolfert Gerritsz van Couwenhoven]

37: Plantation of Georgius [Georgius, Georg or Joris Rapalje or Rapalje]

38: Three Plantations of Georgeius [Georgius, Georg or Joris Rapalje or Rapalje]

39: Plantation of Claes the Norman [Claes Carstensen, the Norman]

40: Bouwery of Dirck the Norman [Dirck Volckertsen]

41: Bouwery of Cosyn [Cosyn Gerritsen van Putten]

42: Bouwery started by Poelen Pietersen as it is Pointed Off from the River to the High Sand [Jochem Pietersen Kuyter]

43: Bouwery begun by Jonas Brom [Jonas Bronck]

44: Plantation of Pieter the Chimney Sweep [Pieter Andriessen]

45: Plantation of the Tailor [1639 occupant unknown]