Rarities: JyuJyu – JyuJyu

The fourth in series of short articles highlighting some of the rarer CDs that I have been able to acquire. This entry might not be one of the rarest CDs out there but it is still not well known. A brief look at the groups “full” discography does not even hint at its existence.  Lets see if we can dig up some information on じゅじゅ – 「呪呪」.

じゅじゅ began its activities on March 29th 2014, Neu and Shirai had their first event, a meet and greet, on April 6th 2014 followed quickly by their first live on April 7th. Later that month on the 22nd they were already in the studio recording.

Neu has her first ever recording session in the booth

Shirai takes her turn in the booth

The results of that recording session would be their first release, 「呪呪」. It contains only the title track and no instrumental version. Originally to be a venue only release it was sold for the first time at the 「TOKYO IDOL SHOW CASE V3.0」on May 25th 2014.

On March 31st 2014 the CD was sold on their online shop and remaining copies sold out by June 3rd 2014. They did restock the CD on June 5th and it seemingly sold until July 3rd. There was not a limited number of CDs sold but it seems more of a limited time frame to buy it before production ended.

The wording in the descriptions is slightly confusing so I am not sure it there was one version or two. I have only seen three copies for sale and they were all the same. Anyhow, lets have a look at what the release looks like.




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