Rarities: FruPoche – Genwaku Shokorabittsu

The fifth in a series of short articles highlighting some of the rarer CDs that I have been able to acquire. This entry will be rather short as information on this release is scarce. Lets see if we can find any information on FruPoche – 幻惑ショコラビッツ (Dazzling Chocolate Bits).

First off you are probably saying: Hey, isn’t that FRUITPOCHETTE? I would answer by saying: Yes, it sure is. But at the time of this release they were using a different name. Lets get a brief history of the beginning of the group. On 23 Dec 2012, Teratani Mina and Azuma Shiori formed FruPoche. On March 3rd 2013 they released their first CD single, 幻惑ショコラビッツ.  On July 1st 2013 they changed there name to FRUITPOCHETTE, I have not been able to find out the reason for the change.

As for the CD, I really have no information on it. We know the release date, that it contains only the title track and that is about it. No information has been found on the number produced, one would imagine it was a small amount as the group was only three months old.

It was sold at the  IDOL SUMMIT in アリオ倉敷 ~ひな祭りSP~. I do not know if there were any remaining copies or if any remainder were sold off later. It is actually quite frustrating to hit so many brick walls. Shiori’s blog has near to no information and neither member’s Twitters were started anywhere near March 2013.

I suppose to make up for the complete lack of information here is FruPoche performing 幻惑ショコラビッツ in March 2013, near the release date of this CD.

There is also not much to the physical release packaging, just a clear case with a CD and an obi strip with a full back.

Obi outside

Obi inside


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